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Non-payment of rent is one of the most common issues landlords face, and it’s a situation that requires a delicate yet firm approach. For Wichita property owners, understanding both your rights and the rights of your tenant is crucial. Here’s a comprehensive guide to navigating the waters of unpaid rent while ensuring fairness and legality.

  • Open a Line of Communication:

Before jumping to conclusions, reach out to your tenant:

  • Understand the reason for the delay.
  • Determine if this is a one-time situation or a recurring problem.
  • It’s possible a simple conversation can lead to a mutual agreement or payment plan.
  • Review Your Lease Agreement:

Always have a clear, written lease agreement that outlines:

  • Due dates for rent payments.
  • Late fee policies.
  • The grace period, if any, after the due date.

Ensure you are familiar with these terms and that any action taken aligns with the agreement.

  • Issue a Formal Notice:

If the rent remains unpaid and communication hasn’t resolved the issue:

  • Provide a written notice. In Kansas, a 3-day notice is typically given for non-payment of rent. This notice informs the tenant they have three days to pay or vacate the property.
  • Clearly mention the amount owed, including any late fees.
  • Consider Payment Plans or Temporary Solutions:

Given the right circumstances, especially if the tenant has been reliable in the past:

  • Offer a temporary payment plan.
  • Consider partial payments or a temporary rent reduction, ensuring all agreements are in writing.
  • Legal Proceedings:

If the tenant neither pays nor vacates after the notice period:

  • Initiate eviction proceedings by filing a “forcible detainer” lawsuit.
  • Attend the court hearing, providing all relevant documents: the lease agreement, payment records, and the notice provided to the tenant.
  • Protecting Yourself in the Future:

Prevention is always better than cure:

  • Conduct thorough tenant screenings, including credit checks and references.
  • Always use a comprehensive lease agreement.
  • Consider requiring a co-signer for tenants with questionable financial histories.
  • Thinking of Selling?:

Managing tenants, especially in non-payment scenarios, can be taxing. If such issues become recurrent or if the strain becomes too much:

  • Consider selling the property.
  • Companies like Kansas Cash For Homes can offer a hassle-free buying process, purchasing properties as-is, ensuring you can move on without added stress.


Dealing with tenants who fail to pay rent requires a blend of understanding, firmness, and adherence to legal procedures. For Wichita landlords, it’s vital to protect both your property and your peace of mind. Whether you find a resolution or opt for a fresh start by selling, always prioritize clear communication and fairness.

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