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Inheriting a home can be a bitter-sweet experience, filled with emotional and financial considerations. For many in Wichita, Kansas, navigating the probate process and deciding what to do with an inherited property can be overwhelming. If you find yourself in such a situation, understanding your primary options can provide clarity. Here are the three main paths you can take.

  • Move into the Inherited Home:

What does it entail? Instead of your current residence, you can opt to live in the inherited home. This could be because of the home’s sentimental value, better location, or any other personal reason.


  • Potential cost savings, especially if the house is mortgage-free.
  • A chance to keep family memories alive.


  • Possible need for renovations or updates to make the home suitable for your needs.
  • Dealing with the emotional challenges of living in a late loved one’s house.
  • Rent Out the Property:

What does it entail? If you’re not ready or don’t wish to live in the inherited home, turning it into a rental can be a wise investment strategy. By doing so, you can generate steady monthly income.


  • A consistent stream of rental income.
  • The property continues to appreciate over time, enhancing your net worth.


  • Becoming a landlord comes with responsibilities, such as maintenance and dealing with tenants.
  • Potential property management costs if you choose to employ professionals.
  • Sell to Kansas Cash For Homes:

What does it entail? Selling an inherited home directly for cash to a trusted buyer like Kansas Cash For Homes offers an uncomplicated, swift solution for those who neither want to live in nor rent out their inherited property.


  • Quick and Hassle-Free: Kansas Cash For Homes can provide a cash offer in just 24 hours and finalize the sale within a week.
  • As-Is Sale: No need for repairs, updates, or staging. They’ll purchase the home in its current condition.
  • Simplified Paperwork: The team handles the majority of the paperwork, streamlining the entire process for you.


  • While it’s a fast solution, you might not get as high a price as a traditional market sale.


Inheriting a home through probate presents several possibilities. Whether you decide to make it your residence, turn it into a rental, or sell it directly to a buyer like Kansas Cash For Homes, it’s crucial to weigh the emotional and financial implications of each option. Take your time and consult with experts to make the best choice for your unique circumstances.